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OWL HR Pty Ltd has been established to provide Outside the box Workplace Learning and HR Solutions to companies, thus creating a paradigm shift with integrated strategies to transform companies through Recruitment, Selection and Placement. The company strategy  

is to train management and employees, with tailor made programs to suit the needs of the client. Our services will help to improve our client’s operations and reduce overheads and staff costs by outsourcing the crucial role of Human Resource Management and Training to OWL HR Pty Ltd.


The Human Resource (HR) function is at the heart of all organisations in ensuring the achievement of business goals. This internationally recognised profession, more than any other, is responsible for transformation, sourcing, skills development and retaining talent and ensuring productive work relationships. The SABPP’s role is to professionalise the HR function to ensure that HR becomes an increasingly recognised and respected profession. OWLHR is proud to be registered with SABPP.

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Level 1 BBBEE – 100% Black Female Owned Company 
B-BBEE Rating – 135%

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Telephone        : +27 (0)67 607 6725 
Whatsapp         : +27 (0)67 607 6725 
Email                 : sonita@owlhr.co.za


Welcome to OWLHR Pty

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