Human Resource Management

OWL HR Pty Ltd, provide Human Resources support and training and development opportunities to companies that don’t have Human Resource Managers. We manage the human resources functions with specific tasks that our clients do not have time, experience, or specialization to handle.
It is our desire to ensure that our clients achieve a balance of legislatively compliant and employee centric environment where employers and employees build mutual trust and respect for each other and sustain the relationship long-term.

OWL HR Pty Ltd provides an integrated model of business strategies for the sustainable growth of their clients with a focus on women and youth empowerment to reduce the high unemployment rate in South Africa and increase employability and growth of these groups. Our long-term, strategic and approach is to be innovative and transform the traditional business services into a complete Human Resources solution.
Policies and Procedures
OWL HR Pty Ltd will design company specific policies and procedures to assist in the effective and consistent applications of rules and regulations.

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