Occupational Health & Safety Compliance

  • OWL HR Pty Ltd provides a service to identify, recommend and guide the client of their company’s Health and Safety requirements in terms of the Occupational Health and Safety Act. 
  • A comprehensive risk assessment of the company premises is conducted a and a report compiled which is aimed at highlighting preventative measures to minimize risk to the client.
  • We also can facilitate the establishment of a Health & Safety committee.
    OWL HR Pty Ltd offers Health and Safety Representative training.


  • OWL HR Pty Ltd aims to deliver accredited learnerships for employed learners, unemployed-learners, and disabled learners. We may deliver training on the client’s premises with strict COVID-19 protocols to ensure maximum productivity is achieved by the client’s employees training during working hours. Training can also be conducted on an on-line platform via Zoom, Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Training programs can be requested to provide support to employees that are not yet computer literate to learn basic computing skills to then join the world of on-line learning. Training and Development opportunities will benefit unemployed and employed, disabled and able-bodied persons in all industries are make them employable and foresee them gaining employment and contributing to society in South Africa.

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