Skills Development

External Skills Development Facilitator

OWL HR Pty Ltd will take on the role of an external Skills Development Facilitator (SDF) for the client to ensure that the company’s annual submission of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) and Pivotal Plan are done on time. The External SDF will be the liaison between the SETA on behalf of the client to ensure that the client can claim for their mandatory grant. This also allows our clients to claim BEE points for the Skills Pillar. This process may begin with a comprehensive Skills Audit and a training needs analysis is also conducted.

Discretionary Funding Applications

OWL HR Pty Ltd will apply for Discretionary Funding on behalf of the clients when the funding windows of the respective Sector Education and Training Authority (SETA) open annually. Companies that are Levy Paying and Non-Levy Paying as well as SMME’s, may access discretionary grant training funding from their SETA.
Learnership funding for employed, unemployed and disabled candidates as well as apprenticeship funding are some of the skills development incentive grants offered by SETA’s. OWL HR Pty Ltd will assist clients to apply for funding and to monitor the funding properly, allowing companies to position their skills strategies accordingly.

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