Sonita Naidoo has over 25 years of experience in the Human Resources and Training and Development Field, of which 17 years were spent at Ninian and Lester Group, a reputable manufacturing company of the JOCKEY brand, with over 1000 employees in a unionized environment,  as the Human Resources and Training Officer.

Her experience spans over different industries as listed below:


  • National Quality Assurance Manager at Institute for Quality, a private training college.
  • Human Resources and Quality Assurance Manager at Transglobal Cargo, a freight handling company.
  • Corporate Support and HR Officer at RiskZA
  • Human Resources Officer at Regent Business School.
  • Training Officer at  Subtech Group an internationally recognised commercial diving and salvage company.
  • The Learning and Development Manager at Serr Synergy.


  • Degree in Bachelor of Commerce Human Resource Management (cum laude pass).
  • Post graduate degree, Bachelor of Commerce Honours Human Resource Management.
  • Certificate in Education and is a registered Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator.
  • Skills Development Qualification and has served as the Skills Development Facilitator for Ninian and Lester Group, Transglobal Cargo, Regent Business School and Subtech Group.
  • The combination of human resources and training skills acquired over the 25 years enabled her to successfully serve companies over various industries. Her wealth of knowledge and hands-on industry experience has enabled her to be able to provide an invaluable service to clients.